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Renovation project


Complete remodelling with extensions to two disused cottages and several adjacent outbuildings into a luxury home in the heart of this highly attractive and extremely desirable conservation area.

The cottages were built at Llanblethian in the Vale of Glamorgan near Cowbridge in the seventeenth century as workers cottages for a local woollen mill.

Sadly neglected they required refurbishment without detracting from the important visual impact they added to the locality forming end two of a row of 5 cottages. The front of the cottages were rebuilt to traditional format providing small paned windows with cellular rooms complementing the attractiveness of the adjacent cottages.

However, the rear garden was hidden and private with a steeply sloping garden and this gave the opportunity for a contemporary approach with a split level open plan room and garden terraces becoming an extension of the internal spaces. The resulting effect was an exciting contrast of ancient and modern

The quality of the development has been much admired and internally the use of natural materials including slate, beech and stained softwood provides a richness of colour often lacking in other developments.