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Overview of new house projects

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What a joy it is to work on self-build projects for clients. Nearly everybody would like to build their own house but unfortunately few of us get the chance and often that's because the limited land opportunities to do this.

Our projects come in all sizes and styles and, like all of our projects, result from a close working relationship between the client and us. The site, finance and client requirements result in unique responses for each individual project.

Private housing can take two forms: bespoke houses for individual clients, and speculative housing for sale. The former demands a close working relationship between client and architect and a total understanding of what is required before work can commence if the design is to be successful, and the clients personality is to be reflected in the finished project.

Speculative housing is different in several ways. It implies more than one house, and their relationship to each other, in addition to the surroundings, is of immediate importance. Views, sunlight and access have to be balanced with privacy and visual interest. Each house should appear to be 'individual' even though it may basically be a repetition of its neighbours. Most importantly for the client, street appeal and economy of construction are paramount if the development is to sell quickly and be profitable.