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Why choose us?

Alun Arthur Architects specialise in traditional buildings and domestic building projects

It is never too early to talk to us. Even if at the initial stages, without a building or a site, a conversation can help put you on the right track and enable you to get your project started. We can advise on the suitability of a building or plot before you purchase it.

Design is not the only reason for using an Architect. Problems can often occur when gaining planning permission and building regulations approval. Delays with construction and quality control on site can also prove difficult for the inexperienced to handle.

Using an Architect, with knowledge and experience of dealing with bureaucracy and contractors gives you expert support to reduce the risk of things going wrong. We can check that the builders are using the correct materials that clients have paid for and that the quality of the construction work is of a pre-determined standard and get it put right if it isn't.

One of our passions is working with historic buildings where our experience and knowledge is invaluable. We have provided lectures and seminars on the conservation of historic buildings including working with construction colleges and Borough Council's on THI heritage lottery schemes and craft training. We lecture on sustainable approaches to building and act as an expert witness.